iLux special version

Since the beginning of 2020, we have been able to offer our iLux parallel lamps in special design for use with limited surface temperatures for fluorescent lamps in accordance with DIN EN 60 598-1 and DIN EN 60 598-2-24.


The iLux Parallel Lights S have been tested by the VDE and have protection class IP54 as well as the D marking. The systems are dustproof and temperature-limited and can be used, for example, in wood processing plants.


Like the standard iLux parallel floodlights, our parallel floodlights S produce directed light, which shines at a flat angle above the material. Smallest topographical errors (e.g. points of incidence, bumps, pimples) are immediately visible due to the formation of light edges (light – dark).


Depending on the application, this can be used both in the running process and in stationary control. The systems have a width of approx. 1500mm. Multiple systems can be installed side by side.

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