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Business units

Visuell quality control

Our patented lighting systems enable faster and clearer detection of surface defects through the effective use of light as a working medium.

The products for visual surface inspection are integrated into LDV Laser- und Lichtsysteme GmbH as a separate business unit under the name iLux-Lichtsysteme GmbH.

The main areas of application are the steel and aluminium industry, the automotive industry and its suppliers as well as furniture manufacturers.

The existing systems are produced and further developed in our own development and production department. Thanks to a worldwide sales network, years of experience, qualified employees and the quality of its products, LDV has established a leading position in the global market.

Non-contact speed measurement

The production and processing of steel and aluminium is associated with harsh environmental conditions and enormous temperature loads.

Nevertheless, the quality requirements are at the highest level, especially by the automotive industry, which is the largest customer of the metal manufacturers.

Our high-precision laser systems measure non-contact velocity differences using the Doppler principle.  The results are mainly used for mass flow control or for measuring the degree of dressing in cold and hot rolling mills.

This enables us to maintain sophisticated quality management with precise measurements and complete control and logging in an important production step.

The company

For more than 20 years we have been a reliable partner of the steel and aluminium industry, the automotive industry and its suppliers, as well as furniture and interior manufacturers.

Customers trust in our high-quality “Made in Germany” quality.  You benefit from our reliability and flexibility in the development of individual solutions.  As a result, LDV has established a leading position in the global market thanks to its global sales network, years of experience and qualified employees.

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Our technology partners

Member of Quality Alliance

The Quality Alliance is a network of technology companies that develop and supply high-quality systems and solutions for quality assurance for the international steel and aluminium industry.

 We generate additional benefits for our customers through regularly organised workshops (Quality Days), continuous exchange of information and technological development of all participating companies.

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